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Imagine your career differently

At Énergir, we think of human energy differently. Beyond productivity alone, we focus on our employees’ well-being, stimulating challenges and solidarity.

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  • Liquefied natural gas

    New liquefied natural gas (LNG) capacity now avaiilable in Québec.
  • Renewable natural gas

    Transforming organic matter like table scraps into energy: a concrete solution in the fight against climate change.
  • About Énergir

    The following overview is intended to provide a better understanding of its energy activities, its performance, its history and its corporate structure.
  • Trainings at ETG

    L'École de technologie gazière provides a full range of training services to the workforce in the industry.

Energy efficiency

Solutions to reduce your energy consumption

Énergir is constantly looking for optimal solutions to help its customers to consume better and less energy. Since 2001, over 130,000 energy efficiency projects were successful among our customers. Our energy efficiency programs facilitate the integration of these projects.

For your home

Énergir offers grants to encourage energy efficiency. See grants available

For your business

Énergir offers grants to encourage energy efficiency. See grants available

Imagine energy differently

Energy recovery is brilliant!

Imagining energy differently also means reusing energy lost in one place and recovering it for use in another. See how Énergir supported a grocery store chain’s energy efficiency project.