Collaboration, proximity, innovation

Our values

Because energy is at the heart of society, we collaborate with players from all sectors.

Because communities understand their own needs better than anyone, we pride ourselves on customer proximity.

Because customers’ needs change in relation to their challenges, innovation plays an important role in all that we do.

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Tight-knit teams

A world composed of tight-knit teams involved at the heart of changes. As many multidisciplinary teams as there are projects that require company-wide collaboration and complementary skills. Teams supported by managers who combine engagement and performance!
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Our employees point of view

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Advisor, Technologies and energy efficiency

Marie-Joëlle Lainé

“Our team’s initiatives highlight Énergir’s position as a leader and its innovation in energy. I am proud of my contribution!”

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Gas network operation technician

Monic Béland

“Day or night, rain or shine, people count on me to help ensure the public’s safety. I find it motivating.”

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Advisor, Sustainable Development

Philippe Lanthier

“Given the number of stimulating projects we are offered, there’s never a dull moment. What I enjoy most at Énergir is working and collaborating with dynamic people who believe deeply in the need to improve on the sustainable development front. It makes my work much more enjoyable!”

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Project technician

Stéphanie Piette

“There has never been a single morning when I said to myself: ‘I don’t want to go to work today.’ I love my job. I invest a lot of energy into making the most accurate sketches possible for contractors and municipalities. Every case is different.”

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User support representative, Information technologies service centre

Martin Cimoné

“In addition to problem-solving, I also do personalized assistance. For example, an employee calls me because he has a pagination problem in his Word  document. I assist him.”

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Connection technician

Dominic Leblanc

“I am passionate about my work. It allows me to accomplish many types of tasks. It’s very physical work that requires an alert mind.”

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Get in the heat of the action

At Énergir, outdoing yourself in the field is just another day on the job for our technicians.

Say goodbye to routine

At Énergir, we tackle dozens of engineering challenges every year. Our projects give you the opportunity to explore innovative solutions.

Bring your energy to ours!

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