It’s tempting to feel indispensable, but we cannot do everything alone. We need others and we need to trust them! I am there to assist my team of six people. I work actively with them to manage complex cases or answer their questions! Our team deals with a flood of emergencies, responds to customers, receives locate requests, provides work orders to technicians, etc. Our days are very full!
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My background

  • I studied business administration at Université Laval.
  • I have a master’s in industrial engineering.
  • I began working at Énergir in 2007.

I feel very fortunate...

I eat lunch at home. After a short commute, I am back home with my kids. I have a great quality of life, and I feel lucky to be able to do go home for lunch because it allows me to unwind completely.


“One week out of four, I am the first-line person on call, which means I must go to the scene of an emergency, day or night, if no one else is available to respond.”
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