About generating electricity from cow dung

Producing electricity from cow dung is an idea that’s both innovative and quite easy to achieve. It all starts right on the farm, where cow dung is collected and put into an on-site biodigester. This biodigester is designed to hold 21 days of cow dung at a temperature of 37.7°C (100°F). Bacteria in the biodigester convert the waste into various products, including biomethane. The biomethane activates a modified natural gas engine, which in turn spins an electric generator to create electricity. This clean energy is then injected into the power grid for distribution to citizens.
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Generating electricity on a dairy farm

In Vermont, our subsidiary Green Mountain Power buys electricity produced from cattle manure from the Blue Spring dairy farm. A pioneer in the field, this family-run business has been converting its cow manure into energy since 2005!

Our energies

We believe diversity is key to the future of energy. This is why Énergir is involved in developing renewable, liquefied and compressed natural gas, solar and wind power and hydroelectricity.
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  • Natural gas

    Énergir is the largest gas distributor in Québec and Vermont.
  • Renewable natural gas

    Renewable natural gas produced from organic matter.

  • Liquefied natural gas

    LNG is natural gas that changes from a gaseous to a liquid state.
  • Compressed natural gas

    CNG is compressed natural gas that can be used as fuel.
  • Wind power

    Investments in several wind farms in Québec and Vermont.
  • Solar power

    Solar farm, energy efficiency programs and other innovative projects.
  • Hydroelectricity

    Hydroelectricity production through our U.S. subsidiary.
  • Cow power

    Producing electricity takes an unexpected form in Vermont.