A primary concern

As a major player in the energy sector in Québec and Vermont, we have long regarded sustainability as a primary concern. We are committed to making a positive community contribution and to reducing our environmental footprint in all our actions.
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Be part of the solution

We can be part of the solution to reach the GHG reduction targets that Québec has set for 2030.

That’s why sustainable development is at the heart of our vision, with initiatives in four areas: stepping up energy efficiency efforts, increasing the share of renewable energy, focusing on the complementarity of the electric and gas networks, and diversifying our activities into new, sustainable growth vectors.
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  • The only truly green energy is the one we don’t consume. In addition to environmental benefits, substantial savings are generated for customers.
  • Énergir is actively promoting the development of renewable natural gas in Québec to reach 10% in the gas system by 2030.
  • Consider the value of natural gas rather than its volume. It can complement electricity when it adds value and replace higher emission-producing energies for certain markets that, so far, cannot use electrical power.
  • Énergir is working to develop innovative energy services and expertise for a green economy.

Our approach

Since obtaining our ISO 14001 certification in 2000, we have worked consistently with our partners to introduce concrete measures and responsible business practices.
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Our four major pillars

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1- Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System (EMS), which is ISO 140001:2015 certified, applies to natural gas distribution activities in Québec; it allows us to prevent or reduce the negative repercussions of our activities on the environment. The actions we have taken since implementing the EMS have enabled us to reduce our GHG emissions, optimize the use of our resources, increase the volume of the waste we recover and promote energy efficiency programs for our customers.
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2- Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy allows us to identify and clearly communicate our objectives with regard to preventing pollution and protecting the environment. We are committed to showing leadership, rigour and determination in carrying out our daily activities in our Québec gas distribution operations as well as with our customers and the general public, in a context of sustainable development.
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3- Responsible procurement

In 2012, we committed to influencing our suppliers through our procurement process. A responsible procurement process was therefore introduced for the purpose of structuring and measuring initiatives already underway. The actions implemented include a Supplier Code of Conduct, published in April 2015 which confirms our intention to work with suppliers who engage in responsible practices and behaviours.
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4- Community involvement

For more than 20 years, we have supported initiatives that help improve the community’s quality of life. We have a rigorous community investment policy that governs the way we select and manage philanthropic projects. We focus on five areas of activity: education, health, culture, social and community causes, and the environment. In 2017 alone, we distributed over $1.3 million to more than 200 groups, associations and organizations, to help them carry out their mandates in their communities.
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