Residential grants

For four-condo buildings with centralized heating and hot water system
Énergir offers substantial grants to get the work done. Financial assistance comes from different programs and your sales representative will help you determine the amount to which you are entitled. Grants are available through energy efficiency programs and the consumption rebate program.

Grants that add up

Purchase and installation rebate program

Grants are given according to the volume of natural gas consumed and the type of appliance installed. Please contact us to determine your eligibility and to calculate the total amount of your grant according to your project.

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Grants that add up

Energy efficient appliances

Grants to manage the costs of an energy-efficient appliance or to encourage efficient measures.

Centralized heating and hot water
Available until September 30, 2023

Condensing boiler — up to $25,000 per unit installed
Condensing hot water heater — $20,000 per unit installed 

Garages and common areas
Infrared — $550 per system installed
Condensing space heater — up to $2,900 per system installed

Grants that add up

Grants for energy-efficient measures

Grants to improve the energy efficiency of building construction.

New efficient construction - up to $325,000
Solar air preheating system - up to $200,000
Energy efficient renovation (buildings with annual consumption less than 150,000 m3 - up to $40,000)
Energy efficient renovation (buildings with annual consumption over 150,000 m3 - up to $100,000)