The solution

This solution is the ultimate in home comfort! It makes the most of the living space because the boiler and condensing water heaters are centralized in the basement. With a radiant floor to diffuse a gentle, even heat throughout the condo and air conditioning discreetly integrated into one of the exterior walls, your future owners will live in total comfort year round!

Optimal solution set-up

1-Radiant floor
  • Low consumption—the radiant floor uses a network of in-floor pipes that circulates water from the condensing boiler. This hot water is continuously reused, reducing energy consumption.
  • Good air quality—no dust
  • Space gain
2- Condensing boiler
  • High-efficiency appliance
3- Condensing water heater
  • High-efficiency appliance
  • Centralizing domestic hot water greatly reduces the risk of water leaks. Insurers like this solution since they usually require individual water heaters to be replaced every ten years
  • Economical—increased living space, or 9 to 16 ft2 more area
  • Environmentally friendly—only one boiler must be replaced, not several

Many benefits for you and your customers

For you
  • Modern solution
  • Grants to reduce investment costs and increase project profitability
  • The ultimate energy solution
For your customers
  • Increased living space and design freedom
  • The ultimate in comfort
  • Save about 30% compared to an individual water heater
  • Stable, competitive natural gas price

Grants available

Énergir offers substantial grants to smoothly integrate natural gas into your project. Financial assistance is available from energy-efficiency programs and the consumption rebate program. Your sales representative will help you to determine the amount to which you are entitled.

Residential grants for 4-unit or more buildings with centralized installation

Equipment rental

Gaz Métro Plus, a subsidiary ofÉnergir, has a great equipment rental program for your construction projects.

Learn more (PDF in French)


To keep equipment in top working order for years to come, experts recommend regular maintenance with a Gaz Métro Plus service plan or an Énergir Authorized Partner.