The solution

In this solution, every element is discretely designed to guarantee comfort. The condensing unit and condensing water heaters are centrally located so that they don’t encroach on the living space. What’s more, heat produced by the high-performance boiler is diffused throughout each dwelling via the minimalist duct concept. This design, which includes a compact fan coil in the ceiling space of each condo, meets comfort standards! And since a fan coil can also provide air conditioning, it guarantees year-round comfort.

Optimal solution set-up

1- Compact fan convector
  • Compact, can be installed in the ceiling space 

2- Condensing water heater
  • High-efficiency appliance. 

3- Condensing boiler
  • High-efficiency appliance.

The minimalist duct revolution

Did you know that warm air can be diffused from high up on a wall opposite a glass surface without sacrificing comfort—and in both heating and cooling mode? The minimalist heating duct design, as it is called, reduces the required length of the air ducts, creating a compact heating design.

Many benefits for you and your customers

For you
  • Grants to reduce investment costs and increase project profitability
  • Easy to install
  • Modern Solution
For your customers
  • Increased living space and design freedom
  • Filtration and cooling provides year-round comfort
  • Stable, competitive natural gas price

Grants available

Énergir offers substantial grants to smoothly integrate natural gas into your project. Financial assistance is available from energy-efficiency programs and the consumption rebate program. Your sales representative will help you to determine the amount to which you are entitled.

Residential grants for 4-unit or more buildings with centralized installation

Equipment rental

Gaz Métro Plus, a subsidiary ofÉnergir, has a great equipment rental program for your construction projects.

Learn more (PDF in French)


To keep equipment in top working order for years to come, experts recommend regular maintenance with a Gaz Métro Plus service plan or an Énergir Authorized Partner.