The solution

The warm-air furnace is well known as a compact, efficient home heating system. When it’s combined with the minimalist duct design, it’s an ideal way to heat and cool a dwelling. That’s because if you equip it with an air conditioning unit, it generates cool air in the summer! And with a storage hot water heater, you’ll always have plenty of hot water on hand to meet all your needs. In short, a simple, effective and comfortable solution for everyone… and a smart choice for your home!

Optimal solution set-up

1- Storage water heater
  • Heats water twice as fast as an electric water heater
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in a wide range of power and tank capacities 

2- Warm-air furnace

  • High-efficiency heater—translates into significant energy savings

3- Heat recovery ventilator

The minimalist duct revolution

Did you know that warm air can be diffused from high up on a wall opposite a glass surface without sacrificing comfort—and in both heating and cooling mode? The minimalist heating duct design, as it is called, reduces the required length of the air ducts, creating a compact heating design.

Many benefits for you and your customers

For you

  • Recognized product among industry professionals
  • Grants to reduce investment costs and increase project profitability
  • Easy to install

For your customers
  • Air filtration, air conditioning and even comfort throughout the home
  • Easy to use
  • Stable, competitive natural gas prices

Grants available

Gaz Métro offers substantial grants to smoothly integrate natural gas into your project. Financial assistance is available from energy-efficiency programs and the consumption rebate program. Your sales representative will help you to determine the amount to which you are entitled.

Equipment rental

Gaz Métro Plus, a subsidiary ofÉnergir, has a great equipment rental program for your construction projects.

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To keep equipment in top working order for years to come, experts recommend regular maintenance with a Gaz Métro Plus service plan or an Énergir Authorized Partner.