Residential communication tools

Énergir offers you a choice of tools to encourage you to use natural gas in your new residential construction projects. Be sure to refer to them… or order one.


Discover Life in Blue in the pages of Bleu, our magazine dedicated to new residential construction. Inside, you and your potential buyers will find a wealth of practical information about natural gas appliances, available technology and the many benefits of living in a blue home or condo. 

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Centralized heating and hot water - 4 great reasons to take the plunge


Become an expert on all things blue with our multi-purpose video. It’s available on the Énergir YouTube channel and it can be linked directly to your website. It’s also where future buyers of a blue home will find answers to all their questions about the reliability, efficiency and safety of natural gas. Be sure to refer it to potential customers so they can benefit from this simple, accessible communication tool.

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