Bio Biscuit

After 20 years of tempting the taste buds of cats and dogs all over the world, Bio Biscuit had no choice but to double its production capacity. On the other hand, it didn’t want to double its heating bill! It therefore opted for condensing unit heaters which are more efficient and which are eligible for grants.

ACTIVITY: Production of oven-baked biscuits, treats, and food for cats and dogs (Oven Baked Tradition)

HEAD OFFICE: Saint-Hyacinthe

EQUIPMENT: 2 condensing unit heaters

New-generation heating

Four-footed gourmets are so fond of Bio Biscuit products that they consume almost 45 million pounds a year in some 20 countries. And Bio Biscuit sales continue to increase, whether sold under clients’ labels or under its own house brands.

That’s why the company had to enlarge its plant in Saint-Hyacinthe in 2015. But, with an area about 180,000 sq ft., heating became a major cost item. Hence the choice to install natural gas heating appliances, namely two condensing unit heaters, thanks to a grant from Énergir.

“It’s a new generation of heating equipments –more efficient, less gas-guzzling,” concludes Pierre Lemieux, President of Bio Biscuit.

A more comfortable heat

Besides its advantageous cost, natural gas offers Bio Biscuit’s 115 employees “more comfortable, more uniform, and faster pick-up heat than with electricity,” says Lemieux.

“We are also very satisfied with Énergir’s customer service, which surpasses that of other energy suppliers, in my opinion,” he adds. Our representative added value by identifying solutions ahead of problems – things got resolved very quickly!”

Learn more about the grant

When it comes to heating a huge area, energy efficiency makes a big difference.

Pierre Lemieux, President, Bio Biscuit