Benefits both day and night

In terms of supply and reliability, natural gas is quite an attractive option. The days of running out of heating oil in February due to high demand are over for Rose Drummond now that their natural gas comes directly from a pipe connected to the Énergir network.

Rose Drummond received grants of


Rose Drummond's annual energy savings are

“Ever since the new boilers arrived, I’ve been able to sleep nights!”

Goodbye maintenance costs!

Maintenance costs for the heating system have been completely eliminated and there’s no longer any need for employees to constantly monitor it. Having known a time when he had to get up in the middle of the night to fix problems, Emmanuel Bertrand would not go back.

Natural gas — the switch to blue suits Rose Drummond nicely, and the planet too.

It’s easy to be tempted by how cheap used oil is. “It’s a waste product after all,” Bertrand recalls, but suggests clients who are still hesitating take a broader look at their energy consumption. Savings can come from many areas, such as less maintenance, lower labour costs and a smaller electricity bill, not to mention a tinier environmental footprint.