Heating a 6,000 sq.ft. warehouse-garage can be very expensive, especially when doors are being opened all the time. But Scelltech found the ideal solution – an infrared heating system that directly heats surfaces rather than ambient air.

ACTIVITIES: Mechanical sweeping, marking, signalling, floor finishing


EQUIPMENT: 2 infrared heaters

When heat goes out the door, money follows

Founded in 1994, Scelltech offers services such as road sweeping and cleaning, pavement marking, vertical signalling, and concrete floor finishing. The company’s vehicles thus spend their days going in and out. Until quite recently, that led to “staggering” heating costs, according to President Stéphane Paquette.

“We spent our time heating air – and we lost heat every time the doors were opened,” he says.

In May 2016, Scelltech replaced its traditional unit heaters by two natural gas infrared heaters. Ideal for large areas with high ceilings, this technology directly heats floors, people, and objects, rather than ambient air. Result – the heat stays inside.

Silence is golden

“It’s incredible how warm it is, even when the doors are opened frequently,” says Paquette proudly. Instead of hearing ventilators blowing all day long, we now have a silent, high-performance system that consumes less energy.”

Since that first winter, Scelltech has reduced its heating costs by 10%, not including the grant from Énergir. Paquette estimates the company can amortize its investment in three years.

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My Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partne recommended the ideal solution and it was installed according to regulations.”

Stéphane Paquette, President, Scelltech