Traiteur Chez Vic received
in grants.

Traîteur Chez Vic saved up to
compared to using propane.

Simplified supply. Reduced costs

When Traîteur Chez Vic was fuelled by propane gas, the tank outside their building constantly needed filling. A few minor adjustments were all that was needed to retrofit seven kitchen appliances for natural gas, then two new stoves were acquired. Plomberie D. Sévigny, an Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner, did the work and the whole project cost $12,500 after a $2,500 grant. "Saving as much as 20% on our energy costs means the investment will pay for itself in four years," estimates owner Yves Beaudet. "Natural gas also reduces our risk of service interruptions and gets rid of a high-maintenance tank on our property. "

Profitability is a dish too good to resist!

Yves Beaudet, owner, Traîteur Chez Vic