Understanding your bill

Your Énergir bill contains a lot of useful information and can give you an accurate picture of your natural gas consumption.

Understanding my bill

Watch this video to gain an understanding of all the sections of your bill. You’ll also find out what different payment methods are available.


Énergir contact information

Account number

Billing period

Bill number

Billing tariff

D1: General service 
D3 – D4: Stable service
D5: Interruptible service

Consumption history and amount to pay

Consumption history for the past 12 months

Last month consumption

Total consumption for the current year

Total consumption for last year

Balance on previous bill

Amount of the current bill

Message and current amount

Important message

Current amount and payment due date

Total amount payable

Portion to tear off and return

Payment by Mail:  tear off and return with your payment if paying by mail. Please specify the amount payable in the appropriate box. 

Calculation of the Billed Volume

Your metering equipment number (meter)

Calculation of the amount billed

Natural gas supplied

Natural gas supplied to the appliances at the service address. The supply price is modified monthly. We bill you the same as what we pay the producers.

Learn more on gas supply (PDF)


This is the service that sends the natural gas through pipelines from the production sites to Quebec , the territory served by Énergir. The transportation prices are modified when Énergir transportation suppliers modify their own prices. We bill this service at the same price as what we pay the transportation companies.

Find out more:  Transportation Service (PDF)


Load balancing is the management of natural gas storage and variations between summer and winter consumption. The price of this component is adjusted annually, in early October. Énergir bills load balancing at the same price we pay our suppliers for load-balancing tools.

Find out more:  Load-balancing Service (PDF)

Cap-and-Trade System

The emission allowance cost for the natural gas combustion, which varies each month. Cap-and-Trade System is an economic tool of the Québec government aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Fuels consumed in Québec are covered by the Cap-and-Trade System through energy distributors like Énergir. The sums collected will be invested by the government in, among other things, measures aimed at combating climate change.


The price of the natural gas delivery service throughout the Énergir distribution network is adjusted annually. The rate is assigned based on your consumption and applicable to the general, stable or interruptible services. Énergir derives its earnings solely from this component of your bill.

The price of the general distribution service is the sum of two components:

  1. Basic fees: the fixed portion of the bill. They are determined by a rate that varies according to annual consumption and are billed by the meter based on the number of days in the billing period.
  2. Unit price by volume withdrawn: a variable component of the bill. It is applied to the volume withdrawn during the billing period. The unit price decreases as the volume increases.

Find out more: General Distribution Service D1 (PDF)