Benefits of a natural gas fireplace

The natural gas fireplace lets you experience all the comfort and luxury of a traditional fireplace. Benefit from all the positive aspects of a traditional fireplace without having to purchase, store and carry firewood (or deal with the insects they harbour!).  Also, there’s no dirt, smoke or humidity to cope with.

Enjoy the level of comfort you want

The heat from a natural gas fireplace is completely adjustable to any level you prefer, unlike the sometimes stifling heat from a wood fireplace. A natural gas fireplace is also more economical than a propane fireplace.

Choose simplicity

Whether modern, classical or contemporary, natural gas fireplace models combine design with technology. Easy to use, the natural gas fireplace is lit or turned off via a remote control or thermostat. Control intensity and heat quickly with a single click.

Opt for better performance

Improve the look and comfort of any space. Not only are natural gas fireplace models adjustable on command, they also provide independent extra heating with no need for electricity.

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Choose the reliability of Énergir's network

By opting for natural gas, you are choosing Énergir’s reliable and secure distribution network! One of the most modern in North America, it meets the Canadian gas industry’s strictest standards and is monitored day and night, 365 days a year.