Save money while improving performance

Equip your kitchen for success! Natural gas appliances for hot water, heating and ventilation are appreciated by chefs as well as managers.

It’s clearly the most affordable option. And it’s a beautiful energy source! If I could, I’d do everything with natural gas. Unfortunately I haven’t yet figured out a way to make natural gas power a light bulb!

Louis McNeil, owner of Cosmos restaurants

Chart comparing annual energy costs1 equivalent to 15,000 m3 (30% heating, 70% processes).

Natural gas appliances for cooking

Choose from a vast array of durable and powerful natural gas appliances for cooking. By choosing natural gas for your kitchen, you are opting for better performance.

Case study

Several restaurants have decided to choose natural gas as an energy source to reduce their energy costs and reinvest the money saved to improve their competitiveness.

Cosmos Restaurant

Louis McNeil opened the first Cosmos restaurant over 20 years ago. This “modern tavern” in Sainte-Foy rapidly became one of the Québec City region’s iconic chains. When McNeil converted his four restaurants to natural gas, Gaz Métro guided him through the process.

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1 According to the prices in effect from March 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020. Based on Énergir rates and those of Hydro-Québec approved by the Régie de l’énergie; takes into account base electric consumption and rack price of oil with 2% sulfur including, in particular, transport, distribution and CATS.