Greater comfort for visitors, at lower cost

Invest in comfort for those who come to your venue. Natural gas equipment ensures a stable and comfortable environment, allowing shows to proceed without interruption.

Converting to natural gas saved us $424,264 over 3 years – total savings of 45% compared to electricity.

Paul Gosselin, General Manager of the Granby Zoo

Chart comparing annual energy costs1 equivalent to 400,000 m3 (85% heating, 15% processes).

The most commonly used appliances in cultural and recreational venues

Get more information about equipment that will make all the difference in your audience’s experience. These appliances help manage your facility while providing comfort to your visitors.

Case study

The Granby Zoo

Over 30 years ago, all the pavilions at the Granby Zoo were heated by bulky old equipment that ran on heating oil. At the time, Gaz Métro was already offering small natural gas units and financial assistance programs.

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1. According to the prices in effect from July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022. Based on Énergir rates approved by the Régie de l’énergie; takes into account base electric consumption and rack price of oil with 2% sulfur including, in particular, transport, distribution and CATS.