Grants for a water heater

Take advantage of the grants offered on the purchase of a variety of natural gas water heater models that produce more hot water faster and at a lower cost.

Note that the grant offered depends on the appliance chosen. To find out more about the costs and procedure to follow to switch to natural gas, see the steps for connecting your home.

Grant for High efficiency equipment

Get a grant by choosing a condensing water heater

Condensing water heaters reuse part of the available latent heat energy, which makes them highly efficient. To encourage the installation of high-efficiency appliances, Énergir offers a grant ranging from $750 to $20,000 on the purchase and installation of a condensing water heater. The total value of the grant is based on the selected unit’s capacity and is subject to certain conditions.*

Eligible equipment (PDF)

Take advantage of it now!The grant for a high efficiency condensing water heater will end on September 30, 2023. 

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* IMPORTANT In order to qualify for this grant, you must contractually commit with Énergir or a Énergir Authorized Partner prior to your appliances’ installation. The total grant amount must not exceed admissible amounts. Some restrictions apply. Some restrictions apply. The conditions of the program and the amount of the grants are subject to change without notice.

The cost to switch to natural gas includes a basic connection charge of $300. An additional cost may apply if an extension to the natural.