Energy efficiency program - Efficient construction and renovation


The grant is aimed at encouraging the construction of energy efficient buildings that will reduce their operating expenses and increase their resale value. Buildings must have an improvement of 5% above the reference of the NECB 2015-Qc. By constructing an energy efficient building, you will reduce your energy consumption and by extension, the related costs.

Get up to $5/m3 of natural gas saved

Énergir will grant financial assistance of $5 per cubic metre of natural gas saved, up to a maximum of $325,000, for the construction of a new efficient building. In addition, Énergir covers 75% of energy simulation fees and up to $15,000 of the cost of an energy simulation for your new building.*

New efficient construction grant

SportPlex de l'énergie

By recovering the heat given off when refrigerating its skating rinks, the SportPlex de l'énergie has reduced energy consumption in all its facilities. The exact opposite of the energy-guzzling arenas of the past, the sports centre in Varennes is a model of energy efficiency.

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How to get the grant?

1- To learn the program's implementation steps and eligibility criterias, consult the Participant's Guide. 
Participant's Guide in force

2- When you’re ready to apply, 

register the form on your computer and complete it.
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Requests submited between July 15, 2019 and December 1, 2021
Participant's Guide
Requests submited before July 15, 2019

Participant's Guide


* Conditions apply. Requests for financial assistance for a new construction project must be submitted to Énergir before the work begins and accompanied by the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (FORM 1). For all of the eligibility criteria for this program, see the participant's guide. Program subject to change without notice.