Connecting your building to the gas network

Natural gas is the preferred energy of an increasing number of Québec companies. It is the efficient, intelligent, economical and responsible choice. Here are the steps to connect your business to the natural gas network of Énergir.

Planning the project

When planning a connection project, you need to allow about six weeks between signing the contract with Énergir and using natural gas.

Costs you may incur to switch to natural gas1 :

  • A building connection charge of $300 depending on expected consumption, but that may vary if an extension of the gas network is required.
  • Also, depending on the appliance to be installed and the expected natural gas consumption, a contribution could be requested for connection to the gas network.
  • Lastly, depending on your profile, a deposit may also be required.

In all cases, a representative will validate this information and confirm the grants you could receive or amounts you may have to pay. Contact us

Do you already have access to natural gas?

Your company must be located within a certain distance of the underground natural gas network to be able to be connected. Get in touch with the blue team to confirm whether service is available at your address.

We are constantly expanding our network. Even if your street is not currently serviced, let us know your interest in natural gas so we can contact you should the network be extended into your neighbourhood.

Call us at 1 800 875-6202

Steps for connecting your building

Has access to natural gas been confirmed? Then here, briefly, are the steps involved in connecting your building to the natural gas network.

  • 1- Choosing a heating contractor

    Choosing a heating contractor

    Once access to natural gas is confirmed, we will then recommend one or more Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partners to whom we have transferred your request. You will also receive their contact information should you wish to reach them at your convenience. These independent contractors are members of the Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ) and are subject to strict quality control by Énergir.

    They will arrange to meet with you to assess your needs and will then submit a quote. They will be able to indicate the indoor space required, depending on the appliances proposed. Consult our guide for analyzing quotes. It will help you get prepared for your project by asking the right questions.

    Once you have chosen your heating contractor, you will need to sign a contract with that contractor before the work can begin. You also will need to sign a service contract with Énergir for the distribution of natural gas, which will launch the start of the connection work.

    Find a Partner

  • 2- Énergir connects your building

    Determine the location for the connection

    One of our technicians will examine your property and collect the information needed to obtain the required permit, determine the site for the meter and plan the work. Depending on the by-laws of your municipality, the meter may be placed either inside or outside your building. Our technician will e-mail you a sketch showing where the meter will be installed before the work begins.

    Connecting your building

    Énergir will then give a mandate to a contractor to dig in the street and on your property to tie in your home to the natural gas supply line. The meter will be installed next and then safety checks will be conducted. The contractor will ensure that your property is returned to its original condition within a reasonable timeframe.

  • 3- The contractor installs your appliances

    The contractor installs your appliances

    Once your home is connected to the natural gas network, the heating contractor installs the interior piping system to your new appliances and then conducts safety tests.

  • 4- Énergir inspects the installations and opens the meter

    Énergir inspects the installation and opens the meter

    An Énergir technician will then open the meter and ensure that the new installations are safe and comply with standards. The heating contractor will then go ahead and light the appliances and explain how they work. You can then enjoy natural gas at last!

1 This page is only a summary of the steps involved in having a building supplied with natural gas. The Conditions of Service and Tariff (available at, approved by the Régie de l’énergie, apply at all times and Énergir cannot derogate from them.