Major industries advisors

Your advisors offer ongoing support on issues above and beyond natural gas supply:
  • Energy bill optimization
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Rates and volumes
  • Natural gas price outlook
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Technical support, assisted by the DATECH Group and the Natural Gas Technologies Centre
  • Énergir’s alternative energy solutions (compressed or renewable liquefied natural gas)

A dedicated team

Major Industries customers are distributed among seven advisors, each one specializing in a particular industry like aluminum, construction, chemical and petrochemical industry, institutional, metallurgy, food-processing and pulp and papers. In addition to their specialization, the advisors have extensive knowledge in a number of areas given their vast experience with a broad range of customers.
  • Josée Duhaime

    Executive Director, Sales Major Industries
  • Marie-Ève Camiré

  • Robert Castonguay

  • Matthieu François

  • Serge Girard

  • Geneviève Lebeau

  • Hugo Levert

  • Sami Maksoud

  • Natalie Saucier

Datech engineers and the Natural Gas Technologies Centre

These advisors are supported by two engineers from Énergir’s Développement et assistance technologique (DATECH) Group and the Natural Gas Technologies Centre (NGTC). The DATECH Group’s advisors provide technical support to customers to help with the implementation of energy efficiency measures. They also ensure market technology monitoring in collaboration with the NGTC.

Besides the expertise of these advisors and engineers, various teams at Énergir—specializing in rates, regulatory matters and gas supply—allow us to offer optimal service to customers.

Multiple benefits

  • Networking

    Events are held twice a year so that you can attend conferences on market developments and share information with other companies who understand your business.
  • The Blue bulletin

    A bulletin is sent to you at least four times a year so that you can keep up to date with developments concerning regulatory matters, rates and natural gas prices.
  • Our economist's perspective

    Our chief economist will present gas market developments and forecasts three times a year in the Blue bulletin.
  • Customer Space

    An exclusive zone for consulting your consumption history, bills and other information related to your account and to Énergir.
  • Training activities

    The École de technologie gazière offers a turnkey training service for trade professionals who wish to obtain a certificate of qualification from Emploi-Québec to work with natural gas.
  • NGTC

    Technology monitoring and specific training on natural gas-based technologies.