Popular natural gas appliances for condos

Find out more about the most popular appliances for condo owners who choose natural gas to fully enjoy life at home. For your condo – as well as for common areas - nothing beats the performance and comfort of natural gas appliances.


Living blue means choosing comfort and the pleasure of home living! Efficient, practical and safe, natural gas makes everyday life easier for nearly 140,000 families in Québec. In the kitchen, the patio, the living room, the swimming pool or the bathroom, natural gas can make each of your living spaces more comfortable.

François Rainville

Four years ago, François Rainville and his girlfriend bought a natural gas-powered condo. They didn’t know much about this fuel, apart from the fact that it was affordable. But since they’ve experienced the comfort of central heating, especially valuable during power outages and when they barbecue (no tank to carry), they consider natural gas an essential element to happy living.

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