Benefits of a natural gas fireplace

As practical as it is aesthetic, with flames dancing before your eyes, a natural gas fireplace brings a warm ambience to any room. Unlike the often uncontrollable heat from a wood fireplace, the heat from a natural gas fireplace is entirely adjustable to the exact temperature you want.

Opt for simplicity

Pleasant, instant, clean, warm and easily adjustable. Enjoy the elegant flames of a fireplace without the complications. A natural gas fireplace produces no ashes and emits very few fine particles into the air, unlike a wood fireplace. Moreover, many models of natural gas fireplaces function without electricity, which means that you’ll have all the heat you need during the next power outage.

Nice and warm, at any time, on request

Whether modern, classical or contemporary, natural gas fireplace units combine design with technology. Easy to use, a natural gas fireplace is lit and extinguished via a remote control or thermostat. A single click gives you instant control of the heat and intensity. Also, because it is connected to the Énergir network, you’ll never need to ensure a supply of logs and kindling, for less than $15 per month.**

Since Octobre 1st, 2018

Wood-Burning fireplaces restriction in Montreal

Since Octobre 1st, 2018, a Montreal by-law prohibit the use of wood-burning fireplaces. More precisely, the by-law consists of:

- Prohibiting the use of solid fuel-burning appliances during smog warnings, effective immediately.
- As of October 1, 2018, no solid-fuel-burning device or fireplace may be used or left to be used, unless it has the EPA or CSA/B415.1-10 certification, establishing that it has an emission rate equal to or less than 2.5 g/hr of fine particles into the atmosphere.  See the by-law

Énergir, with its partners network, can help you to convert your wood-burning fireplace to a natural gas fireplace.

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** As an indicator, average consumption is based on one dwelling with four occupants.  The consumption may vary according to the needs and the use of the appliance. Annual cost based on the average price of natural gas, April 1, 2016.