Benefits of a natural gas barbecue

A summer staple for most Québec households, a barbecue lets you cook outdoors by grilling your food over an open-flame surface. Nothing says summer like the taste of perfectly grilled food from the barbecue. Take full advantage of the summer season (or all seasons, for some of you!) with a natural gas barbecue – the perfect way to fulfill your delicious ambitions!

Natural gas will never let you down halfway through cooking

Connect your barbecue directly to the natural gas network and say goodbye to propane bottles that run out at the worst times - usually when things are only half cooked! A natural gas barbecue never runs out; you'll never again need to replace (or carry) propane tanks or bags of charcoal.

Natural gas consumption

Average estimated annual consumption of 25 cubic meters, at the cost of $15.02*.

A safe and reliable network

Énergir's distribution network is among the most modern in North America and is maintained by a team of experts who monitor the system 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Moreover, the design and construction of Énergir’s network meet the most stringent standards of the Canadian gas industry.
** As an indicator, average consumption is based on one dwelling with four occupants.  The consumption may vary according to the needs and the use of the appliance. Annual cost based on the average price of natural gas, April 1, 2016.