Tips and advice to reduce your energy consumption

Enhancing your energy performance by consuming less is easier than you might think! More often than not, we associate energy performance with major energy equipment upgrades or renovations. In fact, you can start saving energy and lower your bill by following a few basic tips.

Ever wonder why your energy bill goes up in winter? 

Is it totally normal for your energy bill to be higher in winter. Watch this video to find out why and get tips for keeping heating costs down even during deep freezes. 

Imagine that your home is a boat or hot air balloon. Any leak you find must be plugged. It’s really the same with houses. As warm air migrates to the coldest areas, (ex. outside air) it seeps through walls, roofs, cracks, doors and windows, so it is important to know how to prevent heat loss.

To help reduce energy loss, here are some things to do to maintain and program your heating appliances.

Install programmable thermostats

These devices offer better control over heating periods and temperature settings. Save energy by programming them differently for weekends and weekdays, depending on building occupancy. A drop of 1°C (1.8 °F) over a 24-hour period can reduce your heating costs by up to 5%. A decrease of 3°C (5.4 °F) over an 8-hour period can reduce your heating costs by up to 6%. See the grant available for the purchase of a programmable electronic thermostat.

Here are some tips to minimize energy losses caused by the heating of the water.

Have your appliances spent many years "in service"? To save even more, perhaps it's time to rreplace them by new high energy-efficient ones.

Discover simple tips to lower your heating bills

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