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Switch to clean energy without swapping out your appliances by choosing renewable natural gas —a type of energy that’s produced entirely from organic waste and plays a direct role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Adding renewable natural gas to your consumption profile is a simple and flexible process:
  • You may change or modify your Renewable Natural Gas consumption profile each 1st of the month with a minimum prior notice.
  • You won’t need new appliances.
*Based on the heating consumption for an average household charged at current rates.
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Through a process of biomethanation, organic matter (food waste, slurry, manure, wastewater, etc.) is transformed into biogas, which once purified becomes renewable natural gas. This product reduces greenhouse gas emissions in two ways: first, by replacing fossil energy with renewable energy, and second, by avoiding methane emissions associated with the disposal of organic waste at landfill sites. Renewable natural gas is recognized by Natural Resources Canada as a renewable energy and clean fuel that will help Canada achieve its new net-zero emission targets. In addition, according to the Government of Québec’s Regulation respecting mandatory reporting of certain emissions of contaminants into the atmosphere, greenhouse gas emissions for RNG are very low and comparable to hydroelectricity emissions (0.30 kg CO2-eq/GJ for RNG vs. 0.44 kg CO2-eq/GJ for hydro).
The cost gap between renewable natural gas (RNG) and traditional natural gas is based on different production processes and costs, and on the availability of inventories in a context of high demand for renewable energy. As is the case with traditional natural gas, Énergir does not profit from the sale of the RNG molecule, and our teams make every effort to ensure it is supplied at the lowest cost to all our customers.
RNG and conventional natural gas flow through the same network, so they intermingle with each other. When you purchase any amount of RNG, that volume is guaranteed to be injected into the network, replacing a proportional amount of conventional natural gas. The volume you purchase is listed on the itemized invoice detailing your total consumption of natural gas.
No. You don’t need to buy or modify any equipment, because RNG and natural gas are interchangeable. RNG meets our quality standards and can be used for the same purposes as natural gas.
You may change or modify your Renewable Natural Gas consumption profile each 1st of the month with a minimum prior notice. In the next few weeks, it will become possible to do so by logging into your Customer Space. In the meantime, you must send this notice by email to specifying the desired date for the change in consumption, the revised consumption percentage, your account number and the consumer address on your account.
Énergir is following suit and has replaced the traditional natural gas used in nine of its business offices as well as three trucks in its fleet with RNG.

How is renewable natural gas produced?

Organic waste

Organic waste is collected and taken to a biomethanation plant.


Waste is put into biodigesters. Microbes and other bacteria then break down the organic waste into renewable natural gas (RNG).

Renewable natural gas

RNG is injected into the gas network. This clean energy is ready to use.

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