Request for proposals for renewable natural gas volumes

Énergir has issued a request for proposals for renewable natural gas (RNG) producers to increase the quantity of RNG in its gas system.
The 2021 request for proposals is now closed.
Since the spring of 2019, Énergir has been subject to the Regulation respecting the quantity of renewable natural gas to be delivered by a distributor (c. R-6.01, r. 4.3), which requires natural gas distributors to deliver annually, by 2023, 2% of their total volumes in renewable natural gas.

As a key player in Quebec’s energy transition, and in accordance with this regulation, Énergir wants to increase its quantities of RNG through this request for proposals in order to reach this interim target in 2023 while reducing its GHG emissions.

This first request for proposals aims to obtain nearly 50 million m3 of RNG by the end of 2023. Two more requests for proposals will follow in the next two years to reach 5% injection by 2025.

This request for proposals targets RNG producers:

  • Located in Quebec or anywhere in North America
  • Able to commit for first deliveries on October 2023 or before
  • Producing RNG from organic feedstock (farming, landfills, municipalities, industrials, others)